Back-to-School Checklist 

for Piney Branch Elementary School - 2019-2020


▢  New to Montgomery County Public Schools?  click here to register. Otherwise...


▢  Buy school supplies

3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades - Download and view PDF

4th and 5th Grade CES - Download and view PDF


▢  Piney Branch Cafeteria

Fund your child’s lunch account. Even if you child will bring his/her lunch, consider putting some money in this account, just in case they forget it.


▢—Get involved!

• Register /Login— then join PTA!  
Our PTA subscribes to Membership Toolkit —an online service that makes it easier to work together for the good of kids. (Registering is free for families!) Once you've updated your family information and privacy preferences, join the PTA for the current school year for $15/person!  As always, volunteering and meetings are TOTALLY optional. But we invite you to do both, and hope you will!  Already have a Membership Toolkit account (with another organization or from a previous year)? Use the same log-in here!

 My Volunteer Interests & Skills—  Volunteering at Piney Branch Elementary School is largely coordinated through the PTA. And we would LOVE to serve with you! Tell us how you would enjoy being involved at Piney Branch Elementary School, and we will try to get you plugged in. 

 Room Parents — Definitely consider being a Room Parent. Room Parents work together to coordinate class-related events and improve the communication flow between teachers, students, and parents.


▢  Thinking about volunteering with children?

Montgomery County requires that all adults volunteering with children at MCPS events or programs complete a short (30-40 min) online course on Child Abuse and Neglect. At the end of the course, you will be prompted to print or email your completion certificate. Please give or send to Ms. Welch at the front office (Victoria_M_Welch@mcpsmd.orgprior to your volunteer shift!


▢  Attend the Open House with your child— 

Bring your school supplies, meet your child's teacher, introduce yourself to Piney Branch Elementary School staff (including the art, music and PE teachers), get to know the PTA, and get excited about school!



The Basics 


School Hours


Plan to be at school early. School starts at 9:25 and ends at 3:50.


If your child will go home a different way than normal (with a friend, for example), let both your child’s teacher and the office know— in writing. Email your child's teacher as well as Victoria Welch, PBES Administrative Secretary, and Marcella Hagens, PBES Attendance Secretary


 School Calendar


7 Great Ways to Get Involved



Use your powers for good. The Piney Branch Elementary School PTA is a great group of parents and teachers who work together to make Piney Branch Elementary School a better place for kids. Join the PTA.


2. Become a class parent


Stay connected to news about Piney Branch Elementary School. Join the PBES PTA Listserv.


4. Come to a pta meeting

Check the calendar to see when the next PTA Meeting is happening. There is usually pizza and someone who can watch your children.


5. Chair a committee

It truly takes a village to run the PTA! We have many different committees in dire need of volunteer support or chairs. Check out our Committees page for more information. You can also contact if you are interested in chairing a particular committee.


6. attend the pta events!

The PTA hosts many kinds of events throughout the year. Check out the list of events now - at the beginning of the year - and put the ones you want to attend on your calendar before life gets busy.


7. Do just a little

Even if we can do just a little each year, we can accomplish a lot as a group. Your little effort can make a big difference in our community. We have volunteer opportunities small and large!