What is the Readathon?

  • Our annual Readathon provides an opportunity for students and their families to build literacy skills and support PBES PTA at the same time! In February 2023, participating students will participate in a book swap, read, count their minutes, encourage adults to pledge money based on their participation, and celebrate their collective achievement at a school assembly.
  • The PTA uses Readathon donations to support bilingual literacy as well as other enrichment activities for students at our school, such as after-school club scholarships, equity, STEAM night, and more. Please encourage family & friends to donate!
  • Any time spent reading or being read to (including reading homework, DEAR time in class, and audio books) counts!
  • Any child who logs Readathon reading minutes or book reading time for any one or more days during the two-week period will be eligible for recognition and prizes (based on availability) at the celebratory school assembly at the end of the Readathon.
  • The class in each grade with the most participation will receive a pizza party!

How do we count Readathon minutes?

Your child will receive a Readathon packet, including reading logs. They will turn in their reading log for the week on Friday, February 17th and 24th to their teacher. These reading logs will be collected and their minutes recorded (remember to keep a count at home if sponsors are doing it based on minutes read!).


*** Be sure your child has included their name and teacher on the form!

Remember to turn in your minutes on Friday February 17th and 24th!


Participation counts more than the dollar amount. So please consider participating in the Readathon whether you give $3 or $300. Even if you choose not to donate, please encourage your child to read and record the minutes since your child will be eligible to receive a prize regardless of your donation. 


How can you donate?

Pledges can be paid by check (make checks payable to ‘PBES PTA’) or on the PBES PTA website. All you have to do is use the Booster Donation option and input the total amount you are giving. All donations are tax deductible.


Our goal is to read 200,000 minutes and raise $3,000. We can do it!

If you have any questions, please contact Leanne Sedowski at leanne_sedowski@hotmail.com or Kristin O’Planick at kristinop@yahoo.com and put “PBES Read-a-thon Question” in the subject line of the email.


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