The PTA is a grassroots organization made up of parents, teachers, and community leaders who have an interest in the well-being of children and youth in our school and community.


Every member of our community is valuable. The PTA provides a way to support students day-to-day in meaningful ways, and also to advocate for kids in government. By joining the Piney Branch Elementary School PTA, you become part of the largest child advocacy organization in Maryland and have input in major legislative and policy issues affecting children statewide. The power of the group is stronger than the power of one. Become a member of the Piney Branch Elementary School PTA today so you have a voice for your child.


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Any human, regardless of where you live, can join the Piney Branch Elementary School PTA. Parents, students, grandparents, business owners, friends....etc. All PTA memberships are good for the current school year so if you paid last year, you need to renew this year.


While volunteering or attending meetings is not required, the PTA is 100% volunteer-supported, so we are only as strong as our volunteer-base. If you can help from time to time - either regularly by serving on a committee, episodically here and there for special events or programs or one-a-time, once-a-year events - it will improve the quality and connectedness you and your child will feel to each other.  Your child will beam with pride when they see you volunteering at their school you will feel it immediately in their delighted face and from their teacher and from your fellow volunteers.


Your purchase of a membership helps us deliver these services to the school: after-school programs, classroom supplies, library books, cultural arts assemblies, field trips, sports equipment, instruments, special events, teacher and staff appreciation, and much more! 




PTA Membership for a Single Parent Household - Free

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* Donations welcome and appreciated.


PTA Membership includes access to our new secure online directory so register today to join our PTA. The reason we must restrict access exclusively to members is due to security concerns. Thank you for understanding.