Did you know that there are more than 200 public schools in Montgomery County serving more than 160,000 children?


In order to ensure that our school community is connected to (and well represented in) countywide and statewide conversations about current education realities and future opportunities and challenges - the PTA elects delegates to represent our school in the countywide MCCPTA - which hosts monthly "delegates assemblies" and forms committees to address emergent or longstanding issues. As your advocacy representatives, your ideas and questions help us to understand what the needs and experiences of our school community members are so that we may best represent our school community's needs and contribute towards continually improving the educational experience for our students, staff, and families as well as students, staff and families around Montgomery County.


If you have a concern or idea or would like to get connected via a MCCPTA committee or otherwise please contact this year's MCCPTA delegates - Chrissie Giuliano (cnjuliano@gmail.com) and Jaime Koppel (jaimekoppel@gmail.com)