PBES PTA Executive Committee 2023-24

Contact the entire Board: board @pbespta.groups.io


Ingrid Gardiner

Chair all PTA, board and executive committee meetings;

Oversee fiscal compliance;

Serve as a liason with school administration or community partners;

Check in regularly with officers and committees to ensure the overall plan is on target;

Represent PTA to the community;

Recruit and mentor volunteers and future leaders.

pbes.pta @gmail.com 

Board email: board @pbespta.groups.io


Executive Vice President

Aphra Adkins


Implement duties delegated by the president;

Represent the president in her absence;

Work to create a system of accountability with the board members;

Ensure critical committees have adequate chairs and volunteer support;

Assist to create an organized and effective board.


Rachael Pierotti

pbesptatreasurer @gmail.com

Keep accurate records and submit written financial statements for meetings;

Ensure an audit, financial review, or compilation is done in accordance with the bylaws;

Prepare an annual report to be used to review PTA financial records;

File PTA's 990 report to the IRS;

Submit state-level reports and findings as required;

Oversee proper handling of money;

Ensure financial checks and balances are in place at all times. 



Lis Hooper


Work with the president to create meeting agendas;

Send out meeting announcements, agendas and supporting documents;

Take attendance and check for quorum during voting;

Present draft minutes of the previous meeting.


VP of Fundraising

Mary Kathryn Lee

Help identify fundraising goals;

Lead and organize fundraising committee to satisfy fundraising goals;

Oversee all committees with a fundraising mission;

Present reports on proposed fundraising activities for approval at board and PTA meetings. 


VP of Membership
Sara Lewis


Develop and deploy a year-round membership recruitment and retention plan;

Draft and distribute membership promo and sign-up tools;

Promote membership and events for school and staff and families;

Provide membership reports to the board.


VP of Communications

Chris Campbell

Manage Membership Toolkit CRM platform;

Administer the PTA Groups.io listserv and Facebook page;

Maintain social media;

Streamline and run electronic communications;

Assist with promotion of events and initiatives;

Maintain calendar of events and contact information for PTA officers and board.


VP of Equity

Desiree Hernandez

Oversee initiatives related to equity, climate, instruction, and advocacy;

Streamline and coordinate school volunteer and resource needs for the school and teachers;

Work to ensure all students at Piney Branch Elementary can learn and thrive;

Review all outgoing public communications from PTA for inclusivity.


NAACP Representative

Volunteer Needed - please contact pbes.pta @gmail.com to express interest.


Attend monthly meetings or ensure PBES representation at monthly meetings;

Share important information from the Parents' Council with your school community;

Plan/support outreach events/activities at your school;

Be a member of the NAACP (https://www.naacp.org/membership);

Tap someone to take over your position.


Advocacy Representatives (MCCPTA Delegates)

Matthew Blumin Stark and Paul Donowitz


Oversee PBES PTA representation at state and county PTA meetings and Board of Ed meetings;

Communicate with PTA board to ensure that advocacy initiatives are aligned;

Develop a strategy to keep PBES parents engaged in and informed of PBES PTA advocacy initiatives;

Oversee and delegate volunteer tasks for advocacy initiatives.




TBD (Volunteer needed (please contact board @pbespta.groups.io to volunteer)

Create and maintain PTA website;

Update website and social media to be user friendly and effective.