Support the Piney Branch PTA "Panther Appeal"

The PBES PTA aims to raise $5,000 by November 1.


Donate to the Panther Appeal Now


Thank you, Piney Branch Families and Friends, for your current and past support of the

The PTA supports programs and needs that are NOT covered by the school’s budget --
after school clubs, arts & culture assemblies, health and wellness programming,
teacher classroom grants, staff professional development and more.


This year, we face unique challenges but we still aim to fund meaningful programming
for our teachers, students and families. PTA dues provide about 10% of our PTA
budget. The rest comes from other fundraising initiatives.


Over the course of the school year, we will bring you a variety of different fundraisers to
choose from. Our hope is that families can pick and choose options that are the most
comfortable and affordable for them. Our first fundraiser -- the largest and simplest -- is


The PANTHER APPEAL is exactly what it sounds like – a direct ask to families for funds
to support the PTA. We welcome ANY amount and NO donation is too small to make a
difference. If each family gave $8, we would exceed what we raised last year!


We recognize that this may not be a good time for some families to give. COVID-19 has
created very serious economic challenges for some of us. And this community has
already been very active in support of the Takoma Park Middle School Cluster food


If you can give, you will be supporting programs that are even more important than ever
for our children.

  • Equity programming $4,000  
  • Pandemic support fund directed to families experiencing need $2,000
  • Multicultural and social-emotional programming $1,000
  • STEM Night $500
  • Black History Month $500
  • Supplies for teachers -- $50 per class


So please consider supporting the PANTHER APPEAL today. Thank you for your



Our goal is to raise $5,000 by October 15. Lastly – Thank you to the many new
families that have joined the PTA this year. Welcome! Your participation offers much
needed support to the faculty, administration and, of course, the students!


Donate to the Panther Appeal Now