This year the PBES PTA plans to have a wide variety of events and programs. Most programs return and some are brand new. Here are the highlights:


Panther Appeal

October 1st - 31st


From October 1st to the 31st, the PBES PTA runs a direct fundraising campaign, asking families to make a donation (check, cash, or online) to the PTA beyond their membership dues fees. These funds enable us to bring your children excellent cultural programming, support PBES staff, enable swim instruction at our pool, support amenities such as the pool and aquarium, and continue traditions like the GeoBowl. Running the campaign in the fall allows us to plan adequately for the programming year.


Takoma Prom

October TBD



Our first annual "Takoma Prom" is a special night where parents can get to know each other and raise funds for PBES enrichment activities. Come enjoy dancing, food, drinks and a silent auction in an informal but FESTIVE atmosphere. Funds raised will enable us to sponsor more cultural arts programming and equity programming.



November 1st - 26th


Students can support PBES and build literacy skills at the same time! For the month of November, participating students read, count their minutes, and encourage adults to pledge money based on their total number of minutes read. The Readathon will overlap this year's Book Fair. Funds raised will help us enhance media programming including an assembly with graphic novel guru Dave Burbank.


Scholastic Book Fair

November 4th - 8th


Families can purchase kid-friendly books from a variety of authors. The PTA earns money and scholastic dollars for our classrooms. Funds raised will help us enhance media programming including a potential trading assembly!!



January 31st


A Piney Branch Tradition! The fourth annual POOLAPALOOZA is a chance to enjoy the pool, have a super- fun party, and raise money for enrichment activities at PBES - including swim instruction at the pool. Our pool - and the swim special we enable for all students - is one of many things that make Piney Branch Elementary such an exceptional school! The night includes parent-teacher swim races, special guests, pizza, treats, and healthy snacks.



January to Mid March


The GeoBowl is an enrichment activity for the entire school!  Each year every student gets a packet with geography information and questions from the PTA.  Students complete the packet outside of class over several weeks.  Students who complete the packet by the deadline get a prize and are also eligible to take the GeoBowl quiz and participate on a team of peers at the GeoBowl competitions in the spring.


The GeoBowl program divides the world’s geography into three parts.  This gives students the opportunity to learn about the entire globe during their three years at Piney Branch.  The rotation is: 1) United States, 2) Africa and the Americas, and 3) Asia and Europe. 


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PBES v. TPES Basketball Game

May 20th


It's PBES v. TPES! Raise funds for PBES enrichment activities while enjoying an historic rivalry and good spirited fun. Parents and teachers team up and compete during one of the school year's most exciting nights. Pizza and other healthy snacks are available.


Supply Kits


One stop shopping for school supplies AND a convenient way to stock up for the next school year.


Bake Sales


PBES bake sales enhance our school events with yummy treats and give you another chance to support PBES enrichment activities. 

Panther Pride Merchandise


Show your school spirit and support PBES! When you buy panther swag, funds go toward support activities like helping our teachers keep their classrooms stocked with supplies.