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PBES PTA Executive Board

Greetings PBES families! The new PTA Executive Board has been working hard throughout the summer to bring you some excellent programming this coming year. Information on who's who can be found below.


We're also seeking volunteers to help out with specific committees and events, so stay tuned for another post with those details in the coming weeks.


You may also contact any of our Executive Board members below to ask about volunteer opportunities related to their positions.


For now if you have and questions or concerns or want to volunteer in general (where help is needed most), please contact our President Sarah Goupell at


Thanks and enjoy the rest of your summers!


PBES PTA Executive Board

Sarah Goupell


Executive Vice President
Mike Thompson


Amy Gibson-Grant


Jennifer Littlefield


VP of Fundraising
Angela Reimer


VP of Membership
Jared Hughes


VP of Communications
Gabe Seiden


VP of Equity
Annelies Echols & Viky Sosa


VP of Programming
Tracee Matthias


NAACP Representative
Amber Flynn