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The Piney Branch Elementary School Parent Teacher Association (PBES PTA) seeks to make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. We work with parents and other caregivers, students, staff, teachers and administrators to improve the educational experience of our children, to celebrate community and diversity, and to recognize the dedicated work of the professionals and volunteers who make it all happen. We are committed to developing an inclusive and culturally-responsive community in our schools through discussion, collaboration, action, and education.


Now more than ever, the PTA’s role as a communication hub is vital. Please sign up for a membership and/or our listserv to receive important school and community updates and to connect socially with others in the school community. Please refer to our “Piney Branch PTA Updates” pop-out section on this page for news and events, and above all, to stay informed and engaged.


We are committed to providing all Piney Branch families with updated information and access to resources online and locally in our Takoma Park community to assist with any hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Click the “COVID-19 Quick Links” option on the drop-down menu above to view resources for things like food support and at-home learning. Please contact us at pbes.pta@gmail.com with any additional resources, questions, or concerns and please keep yourself and your family safe during this unprecedented time.  


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New here?

New here?

Are you the parent or guardian of a rising 3rd grader or have you just moved to the area? Welcome! We invite you to join our Piney Branch Newcomers group to connect with other families in the school community. Please email Sara Hoverter at shoverter@gmail.com to join.

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Sign up for the PTA listserv or send an email to pbespta+subscribe@groups.io to start posting and receiving messages.

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What is the Readathon?

Our annual Readathon provides an opportunity for students and their families to build literacy skills and support PBES PTA at the same time! From March 1 – March 26, 2021, participating students read, count their minutes, and encourage adults to pledge money based on their participation.

The PTA needs Readathon donations to provide classroom/playground supplies, movement equipment, field trips, assemblies, staff appreciation, and more! Please encourage family & friends to donate!


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PBES PTA June 2021 Newsletter

Thank you to everyone who joined the PTA and/or supported our fundraising efforts during this school year. Don’t forget to renew your support in the fall and have a wonderful summer! 

Despite its challenges, it’s been a PTA-mazing year!

Huge thanks to Our 2020-2021 PBES PTA Executive Committee.

To get involved and help plan for the fall, please join the  PTA listserv, and the PTA. Starting July 1, 2021, membership in the PTA is free for all PBES families, just click here to join (donations welcome and appreciated).  

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